Outdoor hotel in unique norwegian nature.


Choose between 3 different formula's to experience a unique stay in stunning natural surroundings.

Breakfast is always included and will be served in the nearby 100-year-old cafe. 


Stay in a Private yurt. Most furniture is antique or self-made. The yurt includes 1 double bed with a single bed above it, high table with chairs, low table with lounge chairs, cupboard, mirror, bed-linen, towels, extra pillows, fleece plaid. It is nicely decorated with reindeer, sheep, deer and moose skins and natural accessories. All yurts heating and electricity. Each yurt is part of a complex of two yurts separated with an entrance room with space for hanging clothes and storing shoes. Both yurts share a very large roofed fireplace.

If you include the cooking equipment add-on to your reservation you can prepare your own food on the campfire

The concept of "Hotel B&B" is much like renting a room in a hotel. Breakfast is included, and other meals can be bought in the cafe. Preparing meals on the campfire is only possible in combination with the cooking equipment add-on. Of course you are welcome to make and enjoy a good campfire. We provide the firewood which is included in the stay. We provide housecleaning every day, meaning we make the beds, provide fresh towels if desired so, empty the trash bins and refill firewood if needed.

  • Minimum 2 PERSONS, minimum 2 NIGHTS

Stay in a "Shared yurt", or as we call it, the "Hostel Yurt" which is larger than the private yurts. It is nicely decorated with reindeer- sheep- deer and moose skins and natural accessories.


The yurt is furnished with bunk beds,table with chairs, and two cozy sitting corners.

Also Wi-Fi,  heating and electricity is available.


You most likely will meet fellow travellers, hikers or backpackers who see sharing accommodation as an opportunity to bond and make new friends.

The concept of "Hostel B&B" is much like renting a bed in a Youth hostel. Only, there are many more amenities.


Breakfast is included, and other meals can be bought in the cafe. We provide housecleaning every day, meaning we make the beds, provide fresh towels if desired so, empty the trash bins and refill firewood if needed.

  • Minimum  1 PERSON,  minimum 2 NIGHTS.


Stay in a private "Lavu", a typical Scandinavian tipi-shaped tent. In Hardanger Basecamp we also offer accommodation to those who travel in an adventurous fashion. Whether or not you are an experienced free-camper, this is the perfect place to be.

The lavu is 20 m2 big and offers space for max. 4 persons. 3 single hotel beds are ready made with proper hotel linen and a towel. In case of a 4th person, a comfortable air-matress will be added, made up the same way the beds are. A delicious pancake breakfast in the cafe is included.

The  concept of "Camp B&B" is designed to give an ultimate experience to people who love "camping in the wild" and those who have never experienced it before, but wish to give it a try.

Your camp spot is surrounded with nothing but nature and has a private fire place. If you include the "Cook Add-on" in your reservation, you can prepare your own food on the campfire, in short, live the "bush craft way".

You don't have to worry about breakfast, you will be able to take a hot shower, keep food in the provided refrigerator, wash and dry your clothes and make use of the toilets. Check your mail using the WIFI in the 100 year old Kafeen.

CAMP B&B lets you experience the wild and rough nature of Norway while basic comfort is provided.

  • Minimum 2 PERSONS, minimum NIGHTS.

Additional to your accommodation booking you can include an optional cooking equipment box called the "Cook Add-on".

Including this Add-on in your reservation, will give ensure you of  a real 'back to basics - back to nature' experience while staying in Hardanger Basecamp.


You will receive at check-in a box filled with cooking utensils, cutlery according to the numper of persons in the booking and fire making set.


One of our skilled instructors will give you a workshop in 2 parts. In part 1 he will teach you alternative ways of "make fire" according to the “bushcraft” way making use of natural resourses. So forget your lighter or matches.


In part 2 you will learn how to adjust your fire to the type of food you want to prepare and how to cook on open camp fire.

This all allows you to prepare your meals on the campfire with self catered food. Groceries can be purchased in 2 of the supermarkets in the nearby town (Ulvik).

In the sanitary facilities, a refridgerator is provided so you can keep your food and beverages cool during your stay.

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